Copying from OD4B to SP not working

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I received the indication that I could copy from OD4B to SharePoint in OneDrive however the SharePoint sites aren't showing up.


I confirmed that "scripting" was turned off for personal and self-site creation sites.


Anything else that could be holding it back? Works great on other tenants.

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It might an issue in that specific tenant...working for me in my tenants

I have the same issue.  I'm not able to see folders on our Team Site.   And the documents library I'm "following" doesn't appear as an option either.   

I downloaded the next generation syncing client PREVIEW which Microsoft announced at Ignite and now it works for me.  I am also on First release.





mmmm...we are talking here about copying files from ODFB to SPO sites that does not rely on the sync client

Dear Juan


Excellent point. I was watching a presentation on the new PREVIEW and they were talking about the new features of copying and moving to Sharepoint libraries.  But you are correct those features are enabled through the Online client page and should not require the sync client preview.


Could it be the "First release" update that is causing the difference?  Or perhaps the update has not yet hit their tenant.

We are experiencing the same here: we have a customer who badly needs this function but for some reason the SP sites don't show up. We only see the Groups in the list but when we look for sites it returns nothing at all. I also created a similar setup in a new tenant where I created SP Team sites as well as Publishing sites (figuring that I might make a difference) but again it returns no results.


I will dig into the issue and see if I can come up with a cause.


Eric, are you by any chance experiencing these issues on an EDU tenant?

No this is a US based tenant.


However, it is now working.


We had problems with permissions for add-ins and had been instructed to set DenyAddAndCustomizePages to 0 using PowerShell on the root site.


Setting this to 1 seems to have fixed the issue, but I have not done extensive testing nor root cause anaylsis.

Hi all,


Something we didn't know and which seems to be described nowhere on the internet, the Copy to and Move to options in OneDrive for Business only work with the SharePoint Team Site template. In our case the environment was setup with the Publishing template and these sites don't get showed in the list.