Connect second computer's Desktop, Documents, Images with OneDrive

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So I have successfully connected Computer A with OneDrive. The Documents, Desktop and Images folder of Computer A are being synched to the cloud. Now I'd like to connect my Computer B with that OneDrive and add the content of the Documents, Desktop and Images folder to the cloud and Computer A's synched folders. Unfortunately, everytime I install OneDrive on Computer B, I just don't get that one tab in the OneDrive settings that says "Manage backup", where I can choose the folders "Documents", "Desktop" and "Images". 


1. Why does it look different on Computer B? It's the same version of OneDrive?

2. How can I resolve the issue?

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1. What operating systems are you using on each? Is B Win11? If so right-click the OneDrive icon in the explorer navigation pane, and select OneDrive - Manage ineDrive backup
2. Is Computer B a managed device with a group policy thatight restrict options?

@MikeWWW Thank you for your reply. 

1. Both computer are running Windows 10. For computer B, there are 4 OneDrive specific options in the context menu of the symbol in the explorer navigation pane: 1. Show online, 2. Settings, 3. Always keep on this device, 4. Free up space (may not correspond word by word to your equivalent words, as I translate it from German to English). Under none of these options is a sub-option "Manage backup" like under the Settings of computer A.

2. Both computers are my personal ones. Using my own domain, I pay for OneDrive for business, but I have not implemented any restrictions. I am really not understanding why it's not showing the "Manage backup" option in computer B. It should be the same.

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1. It's only Win11 that has that option

2. There are some other posts here covering your issue:



Hi Mike,

That's a great advice! The change in the registry mentioned unter the link you provided, worked like a charm after restarting. The "Manage backup" tab is where it should be on computer B. The issue has been resolved.


Thanks a lot!

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