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OD4B seems to get more confusing by the day. I am now presented with 'sharing' and 'get a link'. Not exactly sure what the difference is. However when I choose share and 'can edit' and then select a specific person in my domain, when I later look at the information regarding the file, it tells me a specific link has been shared for 'edit' for anyone who has the link. While I know what this means, why did I share it with a specific person (only one person) and then see this behavior? So how do I actually shar with just one person? It's so hard to gain traction with users when I can't fully explain it myself. Every time I think I have it figured out, I see something like this. Is this behavior due to a universal setting? Thank you in advance. @Salvatore Biscari (Sal usually has the

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Hi @meichner,


No, we do not alter the headers of the mail in anyway and the mail itself can be forwarded to other people. When this happens, however, the new recipients will still not be able to view the doc as when they click on the link they must either A) sign in with the account that was shared to or B) prove they own the e-mail address that was originally shared to. This is how we keep the documents secure. Thanks!


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