Configure new OneDrive to automatically sync certain sharepoint libraries for a group of users.

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I am utilizing the files on demand feature in the newer OneDrive application.  This feature is really nice for syncing sharepoint libraries and not actually downloading all the files locally.  My question is, is there a way to setup an auto sync a certain set of libraries to a certain set of users instead of having to go manually into each library and syncing?  Thanks

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Hey Brent,

Did you have any luck with this? As we are looking for a similar solution where any/all folders that are shared with you are automatically synced to your PC (locally) instead of having to manually sync them via OneDrive online.

Not yet, though someone just replied with a link so I am going to look into that.  

Have you tried this yet? I am at a loss as to how to build the proper url for the sharepoint site.