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I am gettng bored with OneDrive preventing me from having access to my own files.

I regularly get messages "the file is checked out by another user", which prevents me from editing the file.

Sometimes it clears itself after a while, sometimes I have to reboot my PC to sort it out, sometimes I have to save as another file, and sometimes it never sorts itself out.

Sometimes I have to save a copy and delete the original file, then go to OneDrive online, delete the file and empty the recycle bin - but sometimes I don't have permission to delete the original file either.

This is particularly troublesome when I am away from home - that's the reason I have files on a laptop at all.

I tried checking "Always keep on this device" but that hasn't made any difference.

As a last resort I now keep my files in a local folder that OneDrive cannot mess with and put copies into the folder that OneDrive backs up - when I remember. That always works, but is a monumental faff.

No-one else has access to my files and I have removed and reinstalled the OneDrive app.

Before I abandon OneDrive in favour of a cloud system that actually works, is there any cure for this persistently errant behaviour ?

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@MartinGM having check-in/out enabled on a OneDrive account is highly abnormal. Disable it. It's generally only used in SharePoint libraries with specific version control requirements.

@Mike Williams Thank you.
I have looked in the OneDrive app settings and cannot find out where to disable check-in / check-out.

Can you help me please ?