check in/out a document saved on sharepoint synced with OneDrive

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I can't seem to figure out how to check out a document which is stored on Sharepoint but I edit through my synced folder using the OneDrive sync app.


Aware that you can't check in/out on OneDrive itself, but why is this really useful feature not working on Sharepoint? When you set the library to require documents to be checked out before editing, this blocks all documents from being edited in the first place.


Am i doing something wrong, will this VERY useful feature be enabled sometime soon?



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What are you trying to do that isn't working?
One of the ways to check in/out a file is to right-click on it from the browser and press the Check In or Check Out option.

You should also be able to check in/out directly from the Office apps.

Check in / out is not available in my office app when I edit a document which I have synced from Sharepoint using the OneDrive Sync app.

On the other hand, when I edit the same document through the Open with Explorer feature I see the function.


Synced DocumentSynced DocumentDirect Edit via ExplorerDirect Edit via Explorer


Within the Classic OD ( Return to Classic OneDrive) the Check Out/In options are available from the 3 dots (right click). No idea why this option is not retained in the modern style.


Yes, check in / out is a very valuable feature, especially if you share documents. Shame to see this being dropped in OneDrive.

I'm looking for this feature also!

@Philine von Guretzky This used to work just fine, but I just started with a new company and upon setting up my computer, I've discovered I can no longer do this.  This is a real pain.  I used to be able to go to OneDrive (local version) or File Explore, right click the file, and choose "check out."  I can't do that anymore.  I sure how they bring back that feature, otherwise I have to turn off the option in SharePoint that requires files to be checked out.

Adding more fuel to the fire...


My group is also looking for this feature and it seems like pretty basic functionality.


Description: A OneDrive that has been synced to a Sharepoint site that requires Check In/Check Out should allow for documents to be checked in and out directly when opened from File Explorer.

This would be helpful for non Office files like Power BI Desktop files. It would improve "Version Control" when multiple people could be working on the same Report.