Changing UPNs / Primary SMTP address and ODB site

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I am new to OneDrive for Business. I have a few questions and looking for answers. 

When a user's UPN/Primaty email address ( they are same for us) change,

1)  Does the user keep the same ODB site with all files/folders intact ?

2) Does the URL path to ODB site change to reflect the change in UPN?

3) Does the user whose UPN has changed contnue to see shared files/folders, the other users have shared with him?

4) When user's AD Object/Azure AD account is restored from soft delete, will the user get back the old ODB site?

5) Does the old ODB site (if found under Get-SPODeletedSite  -inlcudeOnlyPersonalSite) restored and linked automatcially to a new Azure AD account if the profile matches that of the deleted ODB site? or the  cmdlet Restore-SPODeletedSite can do this?



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Hey Raj,


This is a tricky question.

From my experience; i would still wait for expert advice from MS on this.


1.If you are just changing the primary email address; NOT actualyl deleting and recreating an account then there are the following consequences:

 i.The url after /personal/... should change to reflect the new UPN;this takes time though.

 ii.Files and folders do remain the same.

iii.I have seen issues with files not appearing on the shared with me tab; apprently this happens because the feature is dependant on search and the new UPN needs to be re-crawled. You would have to contact support if the files do not appear.


2.Coming to the point where the user account is actually deleted and recreated with the same name... at this time the ODB site would be marked for deletion, and when the user signs in with the new account and clicks on onedrive there would be a fresh site provisioned.

The site could restored using powershell but i guess to relink it to the new account which would have a new unique identifier you would have to contact support.


Hope this helps!

My two cents here:
(1) If you mean to change the part that is before of the @, then the ODFB site is not going to be the same
(2) As in (1), if the part changed in the UPN is the one before the @, then the ODFB Url is going to change
(3) As in (1) and (2), No if you are changing the UPN portion before the @
(4) and (5) My understanding is that you recover all the user stuff