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I seem to have 2 iterations of Onedrive active on my Windows 11 computer. I am not sure how I ended up with that, but, the default for storing documents is mapping them to the iteration I don't want them stored. How do I change the default so that autosave is saving my docs to the iteration I want them to be stored to? I will have to go through the docs on the iteration I don't want, but, I want to start by getting the default correct, so, that my problems stops growing any bigger than it already is. 

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@ro543 You probably have multiple accounts. Look at the Account tab in Settings. 


The AutoSave in Office is saving to the OneDrive account corresponding to the Office account.


If you are using your computer for work and personal use you may have a personal OneDrive account (white cloud icon) and a work/school-based OneDrive for Business account (blue cloud icon). 

thanks Mike. I do have 2 accounts, but, it's not because I use for work and personal. Long story...(MS set up a 2nd account when they were doing some trouble-shooting and they/I never deleted) If I delete what it thinks is a business account, do you think OneDrive will automatically move the default to my personal account? Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.