Changing OneDrive settings for an MS Team

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I'm trying to change the OneDrive settings for an MS Team as it's displaying the date (for an MS List) in US format rather than UK. I understand MS Lists gets its dates from the OneDrive setting. The issue is I didn't set up the team, but my colleague who did is having trouble locating the settings in OneDrive for it. Can anyone assist?

"No idea how to get to the OneDrive for a teams space! It doesn't have a username and password like a shared inbox account does - or at least if it does I've not been given it! Can they provide some direction on how to log into OneDrive for a teams site?"

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Unfortunately Microsoft has been resisting proper support for dates in the 365 ecosystem so US dates are a real problem. The browser locale settings for every user need to be configured. The way that is done differs across browsers.

Teams uses SharePoint storage,not OneDrive (although you can link an external OneDrive, Dropbox etc). This is a huge subject area, so you should get appropriate training.