Change Language for AD Synced users

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It looks like AD synced users are not able to change their language... So I have added an entry on UserVoice for this ->

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Very strange...can you add some screenshots? Are you talking about the language in Office 365, ODFB or both? In my corporate tenant with have Azure AD Connect deployed and I can change user's language with no problems

I can't change it anywhere... Here is a screenshot:



Hi Eduardo, currently it seems this topic is not a big priority, however Im facing the same situation in a hybrid environment. Our users cannot change their language because they are synchronizated users using AD Connet.

Hi there.


The setting must be set in AD for the user (by admin) see more here:


It can be done in PowerShell:

Get-ADUser -Filter * -Properties mail, PreferredLanguage | where { ($_.mail -ne $Null) -and ($_.PreferredLanguage -ne "en-US") } | ForEach-Object {Set-ADUser $_.SAMAccountName –replace @{PreferredLanguage="en-US"}}


This example finds all AD users with a value in the "mail" field and where the the "PreferredLanguage" is not equal to "en-US" and sets it to that value.