Central view for Client Sync Issues ?

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Is there a central view for an admin where one can see if end users are suffering from sync issues ?

i'm aware of the latest news of the activity center (but this is just on client level)


Does anything exists which collects from every computer the log files (e.g. SyncDiagnostics.log) and to analyze the content in order to depict a full map of all my clients - visualizing who of those have not synced since ages ?



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There is not a central view where you can get all sync issues suffered by your users. In regards of your second question, I'm not aware of something builtin that can collect all the log files.

This is needed! We are pushing users to OneDrive for Business as a replacement for an on-premise file server and over the past several months, there have been a few instances that the sync client stopped working. This is bad news in the event their local PC fails and files are not synced to the cloud.  As administrators, we need to be able to view these situations from a birds-eye view and resolve them before a problem occurs.  

i fully agreee with you , jeff.


The Sync is the Key Element of OfB. IF this fails for users , Admins should be aware of it via a holistic/central view.

I haven't found any statement from Microsoft if and when they want to deliver such view.

In my opinion this is pretty important.


On UserVoice i found several request:



to cite one comment from this request:

".......but if this is an enterprise scale solution, system admins should be able to monitor the health of sync clients across the enterprise. Please add this crucial functionality. We need more insight and central management capability."


So, i assume OfB is an enterprise solution, right ? :)

Microsoft, please comment/respond


thank you

Jeff is correct. Visibility of sync issues is critical for adoption of OneDrive, especially when OneDrive (groove.exe) has such a bad reputation as being unreliable in the past. The NGSC may be much better, but that reputation is going to be hard to shake, and visibility of the issues would go a long way to easing the minds of customers.