Cannot open files deleted by OneDrive when restored by 3rd party software

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Hello, one fine day suddenly my Onedrive had a problem and I uninstalled it and reinstalled it. What's great is that when I uninstalled it, all the files on my computer's desktop were deleted. I am very upset and trying to recover the lost files. After restoring everything, I can't open the files in the recovery folder (OneDrive\Desktop\****). I'm very desperate, hope someone can help me.


Here I use a 3rd party software to restore files.


Try opening one of the recovered files.


error message cannot be opened.

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My guess is that the "recovered files" are only stub files corresponding to files stored online. I have no idea what the third party software is or did.

If your OneDrive files are still available online then try downloading/verifying them via the browser.

Please find someone who knows what they're doing to properly set up OneDrive on your computer and reconnect it to your online files.

Also backup your files separately to OneDrive.