Can't sync Excel to OneDrive without closing it after saving

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On my computer, when I update an Excel file and save it (without closing it), after a few seconds OneDrive is updated when I check it on browser. However, on another company computer, when I click save, It saves the Excel but not updates the cloud. Whenever I close Excel on that problematic computer, It then updates the cloud. 


I want other computer to update cloud when I click save without closing it. What might be the problem ?

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Sounds like your using older OneDrive for Business sync client on the other computer and it's opening the file locally instead of on the cloud so the file stays open, and saves, but until you close and the file is unlocked the sync client then sync's the changes up.

It could also be an older version of excel you they are opening the document up on as well that doesn't understand onedrive files being opened locally need to open from cloud directly instead of local.

Can you get the version of the sync client and version of office as well? I know some office sku's cannot edit online as well if memory serves correct.

File - Options - Trust center - Privacy options - Privacy configuration - enable everything