Can't receive email - OneDrive randomly added hidden files and bloated out of the blue.

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All of a sudden my email stopped working.  After speaking to multiple support agents over multiple tickets nobody can tell me where 2.7GB of random hidden data came form.


Some key things.


  • Both on web and on app have different storage usages, so nothing to do with device
  • Established that is on OneDrive end with support
  • I do not have any OneDrive saved on my PC
  • Cause is NOT expired subscription
  • Attachments have nothing to do with it
  • Been working for years and now all of a sudden random filled inbox error leading back to this


I have a number of tickets opened with support.  


Please remember I CANNOT receive any emails at all, so have to leave the window open to track, also cannot use the email for support at all.

Trying to receive verification codes for what I'm doing, but now cant do anything.



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Thanks for the reply, but been through this already and no files appear on drive, neither can you delete from emails without deleting entire emails.

Further to that each reply duplicates the file in each email.

If this is "normal" or a part of the system design then it is essentially a scam, as it forces storage over by conflating storage types together then requesting that user upgrades for extra space.

Example: On Gmail (biggest competitor easily) mailbox and Drive storage are totally seperate.

Also on my manage storage it shows loads of email attachment space left, but only OneDrive over by with no uploads or big attachments, which are capped at 25mb each btw?

Again further to that these so called attachments cannot be found anywhere. Again spoke to multiple Outlook agents one with like an hour over quick assist. Issue is OneDrive is broken...simple, I was told to come here by the last agent as I cannot receive OneDrive support any other way. (Or so I've been told/forced to do)

@MrGGs Email is part of your storage quota, but the attachments don't appear in OneDrive.


It's the same as with Google: email storage is part of your overall quota , but attachments don't appear in Google Drive.

The same email issues will arise with Google when you're over quota:  "Your ability to send and receive email in Gmail can be impacted."


You need to either deal with your file attachments (from inside your email account) or increase your storage quota. It sounds like you had been told this already.

Again, ser as explained in my last response I am NOT over quota. Email attachment section of One Drive has over 2GB of empty space. OneDrive is showing attachments that do not match up to the quota use as there are no files there to match the numbers.

For the other part of your point about Google. As I explained earlier with Google Drive you can REMOVE an attachment without removing the EMAIL. This is NOT the same for OneDrive, at least not in my specific case.

I certainly thank you and appreciate your efforts to understand and help. As stated this has all been explored with other support channels, just not the OneDrive dev team as yet.

Thanks again.

@MrGGs Please understand that you are wasting our time when you post essential information only on the third post. Devoting time to rants for most of the initial post is completely pointless because it doesn't make the problem any clearer - in fact quite the opposite.