Can't Pin OneDrive to Microsoft 365 App Launcher

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How can one pin OneDrive to the Microsoft 365 App Launcher?


It is supposedly easy. You just open the App Launcher, click the three dots on OneDrive, and click Pin. It seems to work fine for other apps but for OneDrive when I click on the pinned link:

  1. It doesn't open in a new tab so now I have to open Microsoft 365 Home again
  2. Even worse, it goes to instead of .

When you get there the two places look similar but they aren't the same at all. I just had someone spend an hour looking for the Version History for a file but it isn't available if you go to It looks the same but isn't. 

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@John Twohig I am having this same issue. Has anyone found a solution for this? 

@MichelleEMartin It is annoying but I haven't seen or found a solution yet.