Can I delete data on my computer after transferring it to OneDrive?

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I just started using our Microsoft 365 account. I want to collect my current files in a single archive. I have 1TB of memory on Onedrive. Is it okay if I delete all the data from my computer after transferring it to OneDrive? Or does all my data have to be on both OneDrive and my computer?

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Hi @sedatdulkadiroğlu,

absolutely, you can remove data from your computer after transferring it to OneDrive.
Here are some key considerations:

  • OneDrive mirrors your local files:
    OneDrive essentially syncs your local files with the corresponding OneDrive folder in the Microsoft cloud. Consequently, any modifications, including deletions, made on your computer will be reflected on OneDrive.

  • Unlink your PC to stop synchronization:
    If you wish to cease this synchronization, you can unlink your PC from your OneDrive cloud in the Settings > Accounts section. After unlinking, you can manually update the cloud through a browser session on

  • Use 'Clear Space' for local removal:
    You can employ the 'Clear Space' feature to eliminate files from your computer without deleting them from OneDrive. To do this, open File Explorer, click on the OneDrive icon, right-click on any folder or file, and choose 'Clear Space'.

  • Use 'Free Up Space' for cloud-only files:
    If you have enabled Files On-Demand, you can right-click on folders and files to make them cloud-only by selecting 'Free Up Space'.

Deleting files from PC without losing them on Onedrive - Microsoft Community

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