Can external sharing be controlled via AD groups?

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Is it possible to make external sharing available to only those in a certain AD group?


It seem most of the sharing controls are tenant wide.


The goal is to allow only certain users/groups to have the ability to use the external sharing feature.


Update: Just to be clear this is for One Drive ofr Business.

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Hi Eric,


you can set the shareing per site collection in SharePoint admin center. so it is not total tenant wide but on Site Collection level. 





This is specifically for One Drive For Business.

I think it is not possible to set the onedrive sharing options.

Thanks for the feedback. We are working on a feature that may enable what you are looking for. Can you provide more details on the scenario? That way I can confirm if what we are working on will address your needs..

We have a set of users that we have in an AD group that we would like to have OneDrive to save files but not be able to share with external users. While still having the external sharing enabled for the majority of users.



In our tenant I can enable external sharing per SharePoint Online site collection. For OD4B I do this by enabling external sharing on '', but this enables external sharing for ALL OD4B sites. I could use powershell to disable it on some OD4B sites, but with 61,000 user profiles this is onerous. Ideally External Sharing could be enabled on select OD4B.