Camera Upload from an Android has bizarre behavior-and I can't edit settings

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I have both OD Personal and OD Business.  By default camera upload (on Samsung G20+) syncs to Personal.  I changed it to sync to Business because of the extra space I have there.  It worked for a while, but I think it stopped working with a recent OD Android update.


In addition to not working, it also has the following bizarre behaviors:

1. Tried to switch back to personal, but that is no longer an option.  Only choice is the biz account.

2. It no longer syncs pictures I take with the Android phone.  But I have a separate 360 degree video camera (INSTA360 X2).  When I take a video with that camera (with no OD connections), my Photo folder now shows dozens of 360 degree thumbnails from that camera (and I have to delete 1 x 1 - very painful).  Very crazy.


Nothing on the web.  I tried deleting the OD Biz account from the android Phone, but still couldn't select my personal account for camera uploads (but I did lose about 20GB of synced offline files in OD Biz)


Any suggestions.




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This might have something to do with the Samsung cloud storage option which shifted to OneDrive . So look under the Samsung Cloud options which have a OneDrive section for Gallery sync.

See also:

@Mike Williams 


Thanks for the suggestion.  I was able to turn off the linkage in Samsung Cloud to my Microsoft account.  

After doing that, my CAMERA UPLOAD option allowed me the selection of either my personal OD account or my Biz OD account (that was big progress!). 

But it doesn't matter whether I set to personal or Biz accounts in OD, I take pictures and they don't sync upload to my OD account, despite it being turned on.

Any other ideas?  Thanks 

@Luke06426 The OneDrive photo sync on Android is not the smoothest experience. Go into the OneDrive app, and under Me > Settings > Gallery sync, ensure that nothing looks wrong there - particularly under "Albums to Sync", as it may not be syncing your main folder. Also See if you can manually Sync

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Hi Mike

Everything looked good. You are right about OD!.

Then, just a test and I set an "additional folder" to be uploaded and added "Camera". Its not an additional folder, but it did work.