Business connection to OneDrive from a non-365 user i.e Windows7

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Is it possible to connect to a Business 365 One Drive from a Windows 7 or 8 PC within the same company, if yes how do I set it up.

We will be slowly changing all PC's to 365 when they are ready for upgrade

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How do you mean? As long as you have an account set up in office 365 and the onedrive client installed you can set it up
Hi Adam,
We are using old Office versions in the Windows 7 and 8 PC's
Using Office 365 in the Windows 10 PC's
Can I install onedrive client in the Win 7 PC and connect to the office 365 onedrive?
Is it that easy?

Yes you can. You use the same OneDrive client that regular home users use. You just put Office 365 user's credentials to login and it will work on Win7. Win8 already has OneDrive client integrated just like Win10. To install OneDrive on Win7 you can download it from (Production ring). Download and run it with a regular Windows user. It will prepare it and will show a login screen. Put in your Office 365 user's credentials (email address and password) and it will start syncing.

Btw, you should not use old "OneDrive for Business" client which came with older Office versions. It was bad and it is deprecated. Regular OneDrive client should be used.