Bulk Removal of Access for User

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I have an employee on my team that is moving to another role in another department of our company.


How do I find all files that were shared with him and revoke access to them? I have not been able to find that anywhere on the OneDrive page on the portal. I've looked at One Drive -> Shared -> Shared by You and I cannot find anything that would show just what is shared with that user.


I have a team of 5 people and I share files with many people in the company (I own important documents like Policies and Procedures and assessments that are shared with many people, so I cant just nuke everything.)


Is there an easy way to revoke access for one user? He will not need access to anything that I have stored in his new role.

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There's nothing built-in for this scenario afaik, but you should be able to leverage the Graph API or CSOM to remove permissions programmatically.