BUG WITH MULTIPLE FILE DOWNLOAD + character encoding for folder names

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Special characters like German Umlauts get malformed when I download several files in once, packaged in a ZIP file. So, I would select 2 folders in OneDrive and the resulting ZIP file would contain one folder named sanitÑr instead of sanitär. Files in the zip file are properly encoded, however. So it seems to only affect folder names.


Could you please look into this and confirm?




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Could you please open a support ticket? Adding here @Stephen Rice

Sure, I was sent to this Tech community from your Twitter support though.

So how/where should I submit this?




Just a support ticket in the Office 365 portal

Exactly that does not seem to work and I notified OneDrive Support via Twitter about it. See attachment. They sent me here.



I guess this is running in circles. Do you have any touchpoints, contacts to carry this forth to?

Hi Mohammed,


You should be able to file a bug with support via the Office 365 admin portal. In the meantime, I'll pass this along to the team to see if there are any known issues here. Thanks!


Stephen Rice

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I am not using a Office 365 subscription personally but only a subscription for OneDrive. So I cannot use the admin portal for O365.

And within onedrive.com, it appears that filing an issue using Help > Send E-Mail for OneDrive support does not work. No confirmation e-mail, no response. If you could pass that on to the respective teams, that would be dearly appreciated!


And back to the encoding issue - it is an issue that can be replicated, I get this issue every time I have folders in the downloaded ZIP file with special characters in the folder name. That is not the case for file names, however - they are properly encoded and Umlauts show up fine. Only folder names are impacted. I bet there is a bug in some conditional check.


Cheers for looking into this and making a great product even better!