Brand new DELL machine, OneDrive shortcut in arabic المخزن الشخصي -- How to remove it?

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Please see the screenshot.


The situation is as this. A new Dell notebook was purchased and initial Windows started. With this, OneDrive was deploying a shortcut, named المخزن الشخصي, in arabic, which relates to the Vault feature.


  1. Firstly, no one requested vault to be active or enabled per default.
  2. Secondly, deleting this shortcut will re-create it instantly - in the wrong language

Vault was disabled online (a very peculiar process btw. - instead of disabling it within the app's settings) - but the character are still wrong and the shortcut cannot be deleted or changed.


Please review and, if possible, sketch a solution.


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@TechCommunityUser929451 On a new machine I'd be asking serious questions of the vendor, as you may have a compromised machine.


A wipe and reinstall of Windows would be my minimum response.