Block download doesn't work when copying files

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Hi all,


One of our users requires the ability to share several specific Teams meeting recordings from one  folder, while restricting download of said recordings.


Since May 2021, OneDrive is set to automatically block downloads for Teams meeting recordings. (Microsoft Teams: Block Downloads for non-channel Teams meeting recordings on OneDrive |


This works, however I've noticed some strange behaviour and it's not clear to me if its expected behaviour or a bug.


In summary, this is what is happening:


1) User created a folder in my OneDrive and shared it with specific people > view only permissions.

2) User then copied a Teams meeting recording using OneDrive (web) to the folder they created. Checked permissions on the recording after copying it, 'block download' is on.
3) User with access to folder opens Teams meeting recording but can still download the file, despite 'block download' turned on.

I've done some other testing involving different users, copying/moving files and sharing from different levels. It would seem block download only works when set at the file level AND only if it is the original file. It does not appear to work when files are copied. Another observation I made, if copying the recording via the the OneDrive desktop client, you lose the block download option. If you copy the file using OneDrive web, the block download option remains, however despite being on, it does not block the download.


Can anyone shed any light on this? Does the same happen to you? Is it a bug or expected behaviour?


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