Big OneDrive Issue. Still not fixed after many years.

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I've been using OneDrive for many years now (1TB subscription). But there is one extremely annoying problem which hasn't been fixed even after all these years. Some people prefer to keep their onedrive folder inside a "mounted" VHDX file or an encrypted VeraCrypt drive for security purposes or other reasons. When the mounted drive is disconnected all of a sudden (due to various unavoidable reasons) without first closing OneDrive, onedrive goes crazy, starts throwing strange errors and terminates. And the next time we start onedrive, the real nonsense happens. It starts scanning the folders and says "processing changes..." and it takes many many hours! Kills productivity and gets extremely frustrating. This bug is a deal breaker. Is there any way to avoid onedrive from going crazy like this?


This kinda serious issues is probably one of the key reasons people tend to close onedrive when not needed to avoid serious headaches.


Solution is simple: If onedrive experiences *any* errors, it should NEVER EVER resort to "processing changes..." and waste hours and hours of users time! It's a show stopper. Motivates users to keep onedrive closed rather than keep it running all the time.

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