Being on the same page of word definitions - lets start with Backup

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Marriam Websters Online edition defines backup -  a copy of computer data (such as a file or the contents of a hard drive)..

A Copy! A Copy! 


Windows 10 build 19041 OneDrive Version 20.028.0206.0006

About 2 weeks ago I used the simple setup OneDrive to backup the Documents, Desktop, PIctures folder.

Accomplished this  Windows Task Bar - ... "MORE" - "Settings" - Choose folder tab "Backup" - Under this heading is Important PC Folders - with Button labeled "Manage Backup" - 

This offers a very simplistic option of either On/ Off in 3 categories Desktop - Documents - Pictures

I turned all 3 of these on. 

Over the course of the past few weeks I have saved numerous things to Documents - lets define Documents... C:\Users\donfa\ Documents 



1 OneDrive is not backing up the Documents directory C:\Users\donfa\ Documents after the initial backup- it has not added one of the files I have added to C:\Users\donfa\ Documents since it was 1st setup a few weeks ago.

2. Apparently OneDrive has hijacked the File Manager Documents link so it no longer points to C:\Users\donfa\ Documents but now points to  C:\Users\donfa\onedrive.

3. When the internet was down today as all too often occurs in rural areas I discovered that Onedrive had take all of my files and didn't back them up but moved them to the Onedrive cloud.


Which brings me back to defining Backup - How do you define backup?


What would say if as a technician I came to your home or office and installed a backup which took all of your files and put them on my drive where I promise you they are nice and safe and you can always access them... You would probably... rightly... call the police and have me arrested... How do you think I feel? Then how would you feel after I showed them a document you signed called terms of service before I started working on your computer?

I understand the objective of having all of the data on OneDrive easily yadda... yadda... 


So how do you setup Onedrive so it functions as a backup. - Once again... lets not get lost in redefining terms.  The end result must be... I save my information to C:\Users\donfa\    and Onedrive backs up (as defined by Marriam Webster) the changes in C:\Users\donfa\ while always leaving the existing copy of C:\Users\donfa\ alone? 


I look forward to understanding how to meet the above objective.

I have been in technical service and support since 1987. From 1987 - 1998 I had a great relationship with Microsoft but didn't share the same philosophies and therefore have been an ardent Linux user since. I pickup Windows again about 6 months ago hoping we have shared ethics. In such, I also look forward to a satisfying explanation as Microsoft defines backup because at this moment - it doesn't look good. Yet, I'm not rushing to judgement.

Whatever it is I do appreciate your time and consideration

Don - The SOlidwire



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TLDR: when you setup the KFM or “backup” it moves all your profiles to c:users:profile\onedrive\desktop , docs, photos and redirects your librAries. If you are saving directly to those old locTions manually you won’t see the files synced since onedrive isn’t syncing those locations and has moved your files to the synced locations.

You are right as well about this not being a true backup. It can substitute. Backup buy it has the gap of entire accessible snapshots. But overall it’s solid.

Anyway just clarifying why you are seeing what you are seeing with the old directory and your files not being there. If your offline then that onedrive folder has them for access unless you have files on demand turned on which will be cloud only unless you tell it to keep those directories “always available”

A Copy! A Copy!

That is sum of whole story.