Backup and Sync Folder to OneDrive Without Making Local Copy

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Hello all,
This is an issue I've had for ages, and can't seem to figure out. I have an external MicroSD card running through an SD to USB converter, and its recognized as (F:)

I need to actively back up and sync the files from a folder on that drive to OneDrive, though, here's the problem: Every time I try to copy it over, it informs me of a lack of space. The folder is 75ish GB's, and I only have a 128 GB (C:) drive with just over 18 GB's left. I can't clear the space up without formatting the disk, it's just not possible.

My question is, how would I go about backing up AND syncing the folder with OneDrive, without having to make a copy. 

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First, make sure you have “files on demand” enabled...this basically uploads the files to your OneDrive library online, but removed them from your machine. You can still see them all in windows explorer, just like they are on your machine but they are not taking up any space.

Once it’s enabled, you can drag “some” files from the F drive, to the OneDrive folder. The files will sync and then clear from the C drive and not take up any space.

Continue that process till you get all the files uploaded.

You could also just drag the files/folder to the browser. Sync them by the browser


thanks for your answer; this was the problem I was having too. One further question - where do I make the setting for  “files on demand”