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I have had a ticket open with Microsoft O365 support for 2 months and still no closer to working out how to get the Sync Button on the Sharepoint site to work, nothing happens when the remote party clicks the link.  In classic view opens the wrong odopen: url with parameters missing so you fill in the missing parameters you can then get the OneDrive app to open and on one occasion actually got the sync to run and then it went out of sync with red crosses everywhere.


Has anyone managed to get B2B to work consistently?





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I have the same problem. In modern view nothing happens and in classic view it gives error. I am on the side of the B2B company and trying to sync. My OneDrive version is 20.052.0311.0006. Can you share your version?



I am on version 19.232.1124.0010 and been speaking to O365 support since 10/01/20 and still no further forward in fixing the issue.  O365 support are trying but can't seem to identify the cause.



Ended up giving up as couldn't get it to work.  These links might be of use to you:


Support and Recovery Assistant - Add OneDrive B2B Sync External Sharing Troubleshooting Diagnostic



Support and Recovery Assistant - Add OneDrive B2B Sync External Sharing Troubleshooting Diagnostic 



All I can say is good luck in your B2B setup and if you find the golden nugget of how to make it work please share.



The issue seems to be MFA related.

Known issues with this release:

-On the Mac, Files On-Demand thumbnails will not display from external organization's sites. Thumbnails will display correctly for files from the user's own organization.
-On the Mac, if the guest account was created with a different email address format than the form they are using with the sync app, the external site's content cannot be synced. For
example, first.last@fabrikam.com vs alias@fabrikam.com.
-On the Mac, the external content may be placed on the local computer in the user's own organization's folder instead of one with the external organization's name.
-Multi-Factor Authentication from an external organization is not yet supported. Only guest accounts that don't require MFA will sync.

(source: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/onedrive/b2b-sync)