AutoSave doesn't work with the version of the sync client you have installed.


I am perplexed on receiving this error message while working on a PowerPoint.

Before AutoSave can save your file, you need to fix the following:

AutoSave doesn't work with the version of the sync client you have installed. To avoid losing your changes...

  • I'm using Windows 10 build 17763.253. OneDrive is built-in, so I'm not using the old Groove sync client.
  • Office build is 1901 11231.20122 Click-to-Run. 
  • The file is located in a SharePoint Online team site. I have chosen to sync the whole library. 
  • I have opened the file from OneDrive using Files on Demand. It should now be a local copy in-sync with the Cloud. 
  • I'm signed into Office with an account that has access to the location of the document in SharePoint Online. 

Autosave doesn't work with version of sync client.jpg

Is there anything I'm missing? This should work. I haven't seen a message like this since the old Groove based client was installed with Office. 


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Hi Mate,
I have not seen this one myself yet and I agree it does not make any sense. To my knowledge there is nothing you need to do to have it working...Do you have latest ODFB Sync Client? I guess so, but just asking to be sure you have it

What's the status of the "Use Office 2016 to sync Office files that I open" setting in ODFB options?

The setting "Use Office applications to sync Office files that I open" is checked/on. Do you have a version of OneDrive that specifically names Office 2016? That might be my problem. I'm using Office 2016 ;)

Joking aside, thanks @Vasil Michev. I didn't think to check that, even though it is turned on.

@Darrell Webster Over a year late however I had this issue. It turns out the issue is actually with OneDrive. The free version over-rides OneDrive for business causing auto save to become rather flakey! What needs to be done is to reset OneDrive.


Open a command prompt and run:

%localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\onedrive.exe /reset 

Nothing appears to happen however you need to wait a few minutes. The OneDrive client should close. However if it doesn't manuall close it and open it again (or simply reboot). OneDrive for business will the take over, auto save will work, happy days!