ANYONE???? One drive upgrade - one drive for business pop up

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I have just updated my one drive account.  I used to have 1gb bonus storage with my Samsung phone, however this has now run out(2 years) - and as I now have a lot of pictures etc on one drive (almost the whole 1gb) I decided to upgrade and payed £59 to upgrade to 1tb.

However since upgrading I seem to be getting one drive for business pop-ups asking about syncing libraries

can I stop/get rid of this - without loosing one drive


please advise


many thanks



Windows 10 PC

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You probabaly need to call support for a remote session. Sounds like instead of expanding your existing OneDrive account you bought an office 365 subscription.

Hi Chris


the only option was to expand with office 365


I already have office 2013 - so I put 365 on my spare PC