Android uploading to onedrive app keeps getting stuck

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I have a galaxy S24

Every time I select 20+ pictures (not auto uploading as I don't want everything on my onedrive), share > one drive > save


90% of the time, one picture gets stuck at uploading and I will need to cancel that current picture and the rest of the pictures upload as per normal.

This is very annoying. I have tried all possible solutions, this is a stupid bug that needs to be fixed.

This has been happening when I had a S22, S21 and a google pixel phone so it's obviously not the phone it's the app.

I have tried keeping the onedrive app always awake and always running in the background but this doesn't help.

Tried clearing cache, data and re-installing... nope didn't work....

It's obviously a bug. What is the fix?

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Is this on wifi, cellular or both?

Can you upload via the app directly or the web interface?