Android Enterprise -> Using One-drive App inside work profile and missing sharing options !

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Dear Team,




We are running with Work Profile for BYOD Android users and we want One-drive App to be fully functional. But when we test we observed few issues related to access limitation with other Work Apps . Unable to share the One-drive content with Other Work Apps directly , error : Other work apps is not shown in the list. ! or we need to choose the Details of an content and then select "Share"->"Send files" -> still it will give you only show MS Apps like "One-drive, MSTeams" not the other 3rd party Apps. 


Hence i would like to know the simple workflow of using sharing One-drive content inside work profile with Other Apps ! Else user are not finding this more interesting. 


Also Onedrive is hung when we upload or handle the content in Work Profile. not working smooth in workprofile

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