Allow Syncing only on PCs joined to specific domains - other company AD domains

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I would like to know this feature "Allow Syncing only on PCs joined to specific domains " in OneDrive for Business support AD domains of other company. I have scenario where a few of my workers who have OneDrive are placed in another company and they log onto this company Domain joined PCs whose AD is completely separate and has no relationship with our comapny AD. currently they are blokced from synching their OneDrive files as this comapny domain is not listed in the allow list.

Can I include the this comany AD Domain GUID to allow OneDrive sync?

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Yes, you can include multiple domain GUIDs, to a maximum of 125. Refer to the cmdlet help here:

Our company spans globally, is there anyway I can test this on some machines before making a major change?



I guess it depends on the number of domains you have in the org.