Allow sharing with specific domains AND all AD Guest users which are added by admins

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is he following scenario possible:


User should have the possibility to share onedrive files with following persons:


- the person has an azure guest account (which is added by administrator, manually approved/added)


- the person has specific email domain



we only allow sharing with approved guests, but for specific companies (attribut email domain) sharing should be allowed for all users, without approving this users as azure ad accounts.





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You can set your sharing settings to ”existing external users” which will do what you want!

You can also restrict/ allow which domains to share with:



thanks for reply.
for my understanding, our existing users have also other domains than the users from the domain which i want to completly allow.

for example, i want to allow sharing with and this are accounts created manually in azure ad as guests.
every user from should be allowed.

when i restrict domain to, is this a conflict to the 2 users from company-b and company-c?

Yeah, there will be a conflict! You can’t set this per domain