Add shortcut to My files not syncing

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I'm hoping someone will have found a solution to this - I've looked at other threads and they don't seem to be quite the same problem.


I love the "Add shortcut to My files" option

  • the shortcuts with link icons appear in my OneDrive (web access)
  • the shortcuts get synced to my Mac using the OneDrive sync client
  • the shortcuts are available on my iPhone and iPad when using the OneDrive app

However, I cannot get them to sync to my Windows PC - they just never appear. The OneDrive sync client version is 21.030.0211.0003 which I believe is meant to have this feature


I've checked that the settings specify that all folders are to be synced which they are

I'm not syncing the libraries directly via SharePoint

I've checked with colleagues and they too are not getting their shortcuts synced


Has anyone got any ideas on how to get this working?

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