Access a file from a person's onedrive once they have resigned and their account is disabled

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We need to recover a teams recording from a person who has resigned from the business. The person's microsoft account has been disabled probably within the last 30 days.


Is there any way that we can recover this mp4 file?


Note that we have global reader access in M365 which allows us to open a person's onedrive via a link, but only if the users account is active. We also have teams & sharepoint admin access.


Any help will be appreciated




Brenton Merrett

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Admin access to a Teams or SharePoint is basically a user function. You need someone with admin access in your Microsoft 365 tenant. If it's a OneDrive for Business account then talk to your company Microsoft tenant admin. 


If you're using personal accounts then contact Microsoft support.

Thanks Mike,

I believe, at least in our business environment, that the person who starts a teams meeting recording has it saved in their own personal onedrive and not in the team's onedrive for business. As the persons AD & therefore MS Entra ID account are disabled, the person's onedrive is not available; is it recoverable so that we can recover the recording.

Once again, I appreciate your comments above

@BrentonMerrett Unelss you've done something completely non-standard. then each individual has a OfB account. The Teams storage is built around a SharePoint.

If someone has moved a video or any other file into their personal (ie non-business related) OneDrive then it has been removed from your company jurisdiction. 


I'm still no clearer as to how your business has licensed, managed or deployed its Microsoft environment.  It sounds like you don't have anyone to manage your tenancy. You are best to contact Microsoft if you need account support, and - as with all cloud storage matters - contact them with great haste so that files are not lost forever due to natural expiry of deleted files.