Windows 10 Photos app not seeing Files on Demand pictures?


I am not sure if this is an OneDrive problem or a Photos app problem but I wanted to share it to see if anyone can confirm what I am seeing. If I have a user login to a machine for first time (new to them) we automatically use GPO and KFM to redirect Pictures folder to their ODfB directory. We also automatically activate Files-on-Demand. In the Photos app it says there are no pictures:

Missing Photos App.png

However if you use Explorer you can see all the picture files and see thumbnails without triggering a full download of all the files. I found this feedback item that seems to imply the Photos app used to at least cause all pictures to be downloaded rather than respecting files on demand. However it seems like the side effect was to basically cripple the Photos app when dealing with FoD stuff. Anyone have any details on this? I also created a new feedback item on this issue -

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