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The Enterprise setup OneDrive for Business for employees / users to "backup" content to their Microsoft 365 OneDrive for Business SharePoint "space." "mysite"


I have had this connected for months and have had some issues, yet not this one.


Below is a screenshot from a colleague who is working with a person who was NOT a site collection administrator 


I am the OneDrive for Business Admin and was able to add their user account (Full Control) where there was NO user.

Below shows that (My OneDrive account) has the account information, as "Owner" AND as Site Collection Admin.






When the user, after they were added to both, by myself.  When that user goes to sync. they get this screen.


MicrosoftTeams-image (20).png


My colleague tried a fresh install / image and was able to log on with that user, however got the same error.  I asked him to try to log on as himself, on that same new imaged system, and he was successful.  This leads us to think it is something with the user account, as on the computer (Windows 10) in question, they had this problem, and on a new image, same problem (yet not for the colleague trying with THEIR user account).  All users SHOULD be licensed automatically for OneDrive for Business.  Their account DOES exist, as I was able to get to it and it shows Microsoft Teams chat folder created with 200+MB of files.





My account shows the image above with the option to stop, not sure why that exists if the other one doesn't.  Tough to troubleshoot if no logs to check.  Any auditing / logging to check?


My account is on the right, managed by I.T. and on the left, the image that I downloaded from the web right now.  My colleague tried to download / install on the fresh installed image.  The version is off a bit, yet for me, the ability to connect should work either way, especially as HIS account on the same new system works, but the person in question was / is still having issues.






Anything I can try to work on?  We'd like to see if we can check something before we have to call Microsoft.   Not all users are having this issue, just this one.  

Annoying there is not any error messages.  Would there be any in Event Viewer on application for "OneDrive"?  I just checked on my Windows 10 system, however I didn't see any results for OneDrive.
%localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\logs has information, however I am not sure if there is anything that I can open - many seem to to be related to the 'system' and not able to be opened quickly via Notepad.

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@Matthew Carter How did you go with this? I am having the same issue with only 1 staff member and it is driving me nuts!

I apologize that I didn't get back with you.
I had a colleague assist me and they stated that they gave a new laptop to the user. I would see if you can rename the user profile and see about having the user log on and seeing if it allows you to recreate the profile on that laptop / desktop / system and then log onto OneDrive.
The administrator logged on as the user on another laptop and had no issues, so it might have gotten corrupt on that system profile. POSSIBLY.
Did you ever get this resolved? I have another colleague who has another user with this issue. Brand new image of Windows 10 laptop and setting up the user. They have an account yet are getting another laptop; same name, etc.
Just wonder if you found something!?