We couldn't access {folder}. Please make sure this file or folder exists .. Reconfigure OneDrive

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Does anyone know what causes this error or how to prevent this error message?


Microsoft OneDrive

We couldn't access {folder}

Please make sure this file or folder still exists in this location and restart OneDrive, or click "Reconfigure OneDrive" to setup your OneDrive folder again.

Buttons: 'Reconfigure OneDrive', 'Close'

17.3.6966.0824 (Win10 1511)



We've started a proof of concept to move (robocopy) users' Documents folders to $env:OneDrive and then redirect Personal to $env:OneDrive. During this testing we've seen this error twice (10%) on two different computers (users).

The scenario is, NGSC is UpToDate, we use Robocopy to copy their files into $env:OneDrive. In the middle of the Robocopy we'll receive a NGSC pop-up window with the above error message and Robocopy displays an "Access is denied' error message but continues. If we click Close, the NGSC basically performs an Unlink and closes. If we click Reconfigure OneDrive, we get the NGSC sign in screen to perform a setup. This seems like a bug.


My initial WAG is the NGSC is trying to access the file or folder while Robocopy still is completing the write - race condition - NGSC crashes. Has anyone seen this before? Any ideas on ways to resolve -- it's problematic for us since we've trying to automate a 10,000+ user migration.


It would be nice if there were a posh cmd to pause NGSC while we copy the files into $env:OneDrive.


Thanks in advance, -James



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This problem just took a turn for the worse.  We recently enabled GPO settings to set the default sync folder location to c:\users\userid\{tenant}\onedrive - {tenant}, but most of our users are still using the default location c:\users\userid\onedrive - {tenant}.


This means that if the sync client crashes while we're migrating files into their C: $env:onedrive folder, the reconfigure/close option will force the user to setup sync which means the sync client will use the new GPO enforced path. Which means the files we just copied into their original $env:onedrive location are effectively lost because the client crashes before it has synced the files up to web OneDrive.


Help! thx