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I have come across a new problem with onedrive for business. 


The issue started about 2 weeks ago, the customer have a sharepoint online document library synced locally with onedrive. Some of the files are LOB application files. So the issue appears when the users are opening the files to make som changes, and after the user is done working with the file the user saves the file and closes the application. After that the files normally upload to Onedrive, but now the files is stuck in "Waiting for sync".


The only way i can get it to upload is to move the file from the onedrivefolder, wait for the file to be deleted from online, and then move it back and wait for it to be uploaded. But if i open the file again locally and save it, its stuck ad "waiting for sync"


I have tried to reset the onedrive sync, recreate it, but i still have the same error.

I have tried this on 2 different office 365 tenants, and 4 different computers, and its the same on them all.


I have found this in the onedrive logfile called: SyncDiagnostics.log

StallErrorSummary = [Source:1 Reason:340 Context:0 ScopeID:9a01bf47e3424c048754483eb1d4fa8a Files:1 Hits:5 Extensions:wka;]


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@Psundel2310 : Did you ever solve that problem? I have the message

StallErrorSummary = [Source:1 Reason:325 Context:6

an MS support guides me through restart PC (which I did about 100x before), restart OneDrive, disconnect your PC from OneDrive, reset OneDrive, ...

I really hope they start issuing tickets to the development department of OneDrive or start adding a developer to the team that really uses it. I have about 300000 files with about 3 TB spread over 6 accounts with shares to each other. I know that this is a heavy load for OneDrive, but I think if they would add me to the team, I would be able to solve the issue.