User who has been shared a file with Edit permission can delete and edit content but cannot rename

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When a file is shared with another user and that user is granted 'Contribute' permission level, that user can delete and edit the content of the file but cannot rename the file. I tried the 'Edit' permission level as well and the same is happening. I was testing a week ago and pretty sure that rename was working at that time but it doesn't now. Does anyone have any insight into the problem. 


Our permission level settings are the default ones (we haven't changed them). I looked at both the permissions associated with 'Contribute' and 'Edit permission level and both are the same except 'Edit' has 'Manage Lists  -  Create and delete lists, add or remove columns in a list, and add or remove public views of a list.' But in either case, the user can delete and edit but not rename.

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The problem is most likely that more than one person has the file open at the time, or usually someone opens it via the online editor, goes back to SharePoint/OneDrive view and tries to rename from that UI, usually this won't work because office online locks the file for some time.

But depending on how the file was shared via Share link I don't think these permissions allow rename either, I'll need to very. It'll be one or the other.