Unable to stop sharing files with individuals

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Hi there,
Recently I am not able to stop sharing files for individuals.

This is the scenario:

  • Ik made a file on my OneDrive
  • Ik shared it with some colleagues
  • When I want to stop sharing it (or change form editor to viewer) it is not possible for individuals
  • The only possibility is tot stop sharing the for everybody


With older files however (approximately august 2017) I shared, it is possible to change the share on individual base.

Is there anybody what is happened in the meantime.


Many thanks in advance for you help.

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best response confirmed by Hans Schillemans (New Contributor)

Probably you have shared the file with Anyone (i.e. anonymously).

In such scenario, if you stop sharing, the anonymous link stops working for everyone.

If you want to have the possibility to stop sharing individually, you have in first place to share it individually (i.e. with specific users).

Many thanks Salvatore, this is exactly what I need. Unbelievable I didn't found out myself.