Transitioning from on prem share drives to one drive for business

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So we are considering moving over to One Drive for Business, but would like to understand its implementation.  We currently use on prem mapped drives that our employees use as a share drive.  For things such as linked excel spreadsheets, will they be able to transition over to One Drive seamlessly without our end users having issues opening the files?  How do end users share files and folders?  As far as administration, are we able to set security read and write permissions on specific folders for different users with One Drive?  We have around 50 people in our company, so just trying to figure out the best way to migrate our users to One Drive without any issues.

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Hi @ccarter860 


I have worked with businesses that had more than 500 users, they were using “One Drive for business” but they also had on Premises Share drives beside that. Via One Drive for business, users are able to share files and set permissions on files and choose who is be able to see their shared files, as an admin, you are able to get access to user’s One Drive and etc... It is possible to move with just 50 users to One Drive and have reduced transition risks to the business. However, please be aware that there are known issues on One Drive and users have different needs that might not be met by this solution.

I would personally recommend you to move to Azure Files


Thank you