The Site Content Page in OD4B is blank, I use it when responding to record requests

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Hi All -  When you go to OD4B do you see any site contents on the Site Contents page?  When I get a request asking if there is content in OD4B for account 'xyz'.  I go to that OD4B site and select...

Cog | Site Settings

On the Site Settings page I select Site Contents, which displays loads the new site contents pages (e.g. _layouts/15/viewlsts.aspx?view=14 ), but no lists or libraries are displayed.  I am a Site Collection Admin so I should see the lists default lists and libraries and any subsites that may have  been created.  This has been a convenient was to see if the user has created any content in their OD4B or an subsites below their OD4B.  If they have, I let the records management people know, and they export the information and save it to a DVD. These requests come periodically for a variety of reasons, typically legal.

Lately the Site Contents page is blank.  Is that what you see?  Does anyone have any insight was to why the Site Contents page may be blank?    

Thanks - Greg

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I think this is a bug in the new Site Contents Page that by the way I'm not sure is intended to be used also in ODFB. By the way, I'm seeing the same problem

Thanks for replying @Juan Carlos González Martín.  At first I wasn't sure if it was some transient bug, but after continuing to see the blank site contents page I posted here.  There are many reasons why it is important to see the site contents page in OD4B, so I hope this is not intentional.

I hope someone from the team can answer this...