Temporarily disable access to OneDrive for Business




We would have a need to temporarily disable access to OneDrive for Business for selected existing users.


We would need to

  • Disable access from any device to OneDrive for Business
  • We dont want to loose any files from users ODfB
  • We need to be able to re-enable access later on


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The only thing that comes to mind is to create a Conditional access policy that prevents access for just those users. As ODFB doesn't enforce licensing requirements in code, removing the license will have no effect, and the other options cannot be scoped to a single user/group of users.

What about removing the users as "Admins" in their ODFBs? What about also to stop ODFB Client Sync by means of a Group policy?

@Juan Carlos González Martín 


Do you mean by removing Site Collection Owner permission via Sharepoint User Profiles?

Yep or simply by means of a PS Script that do that task ODFB by ODFB
Problem here is that when I remove user from users personal site admins, next time user logins to OneDrive, user gets his/her's permission back. I tested this..
@Iivo Kerminen did you solve this? I have a similar use case.