Synchronising 10 SharePoint libraries to all of our staff

Olly Lennox
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Hi there,


We're in the middle of migrating to a fully Cloud-powered office and the final stage is migrating our documents to OneDrive. 


We've setup 10 different SharePoint Groups/Libraries in Office 365 and have configured permissions across all staff for the different libraries (users are either assigned as Members, Visitors or <none>).


Everything is working well for our test accounts but I'm struggling to find the best way of enabling the libraries in each staff member's local OneDrive client application. At the moment I'm having to manually visit the URL of each document library, click the "Sync" button, click the "Sync Now" button and finally click "Allow" to open in OneDrive. 


We're about to roll this out for around 70 users which will mean performing these laborious manual steps about 700 times. Is there any when to use a batch/PS script or any third party apps which could automate this?

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I would revisit why you want all of them syncing/accessing via OneDrive instead of on the sites themselves.

Short answer: we do require this functionality

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