Synced group/sharepoint libs not shown in Favourites?

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So we're working on an updated Windows 7 image with Office 2016 and the new Onedrive client.  We have it set up such that groove is never on the machine (ie the o2016 install config.xml has <ExcludeApp ID="Groove" /> in it) and the onedrivesetup.exe that is present on the machine is 17.3.6705.1122.  The registry settings required to handle grvopen links are place, as is the TeamSiteSyncPreview value.  Syncing seems to work just fine, but group and sharepoint libraries show up in a "companyname" folder within %userprofile%.  That folder doesn't get any kind of special icon, and it isn't promoted to the favourites list in Windows Explorer.  The individual's onedrive files do show up there, though, and in the expected "Onedrive - companyname" folder in %userprofile%.


We haven't done any manipulation of default folder locations.  Sound familiar to anyone?  Obviously we'd like to have the group/sharepoint libs automatically show up under favourites - and from what I've see, there should be some specific icons associated with that.  I'm wondering if that fact that this image has never had groove on it is making the difference.

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I'd hold off on deploying the preview sync client for now. I've seen a newer version on one of my client's PCs.

During Ignite Microsoft announced the GA for the  Next Generation Sync Client (NGSC) till end of the year 2016.

It doesn't matter whether you had 'groove' based versions there or not - the same happens on computers where NGSC was installed on top of the previous clients.