Sync problems since 22.176.0821.0002 update

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Hi, we are experiencing sync problems since last Friday OneDrive updated to version 22.176.0821.0002 on one of our servers. Some files that are changed on the server stay stuck with the processing changes icon and don't sync up. 

I've noticed that Saturday morning it was updated again to version 22.176.0821.0003. This realese is not shown the OneDrive release notes ( site. 

Is anybody else experiencing these problems? I would like to know if it's really the version update. 

My proposed approach is to uninstall this version and roll-back to version 22.166.0807.0002 but it bothers me that not all the changes will sync!! 

I'll try doing this tonight. 

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Having the same issue. OneDrive is crashing; version - 22.186.0904.0001.


Hi David,

Kindly install this Microsoft support tool on one of after devices and follow the prompts, then select OneDrive, the tool will help diagnose the issue with the sync client.

hope this info is helpful to your issue.

Thanks Chidiebere,
I'll take it into account for the next time it happens.
I ended up uninstalling that version and rolling-back to version 22.166.0807.0002. It later updated to a newer version and it's working OK for now.



We are facing the same problem, but I can figure out what the problem is. 
Did you manage to solve the issue?