Sync multiple SharePoint document libraries?

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Is there a way to sync multiple document libraries in onedrive for business and can this be done from admin for my organisation or do I have to make it locally on every computer? If it's not possible, is there any other good way to sync document libraries from SharePoint in file explorer? Network folder doesn't really work that great...


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Yes! You can sync multiple SP libraries through the Onedrive client! Just navigate to the library in sharepoint and click the “sync” to initiate the syncing! There is a Group policy coming which will automate syncing selected libraries for the users!

You can check the details of the Group Policy here: As Adam has said, the part specific to automatically sync specific document libraries hast not been released yet
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Are there any news when the part specific to automatically sync specific document libraries is going to be released in the group policy?


For an overview of syncing your files into File Explorer, check out this video:

File Server to Microsoft Teams Files Migration with Demos,


For automating this via group policy, check out:

S01E32 - Automating the Syncing of SharePoint Team Site Libraries - (I.T),


The Sync button in Teams is hit or miss.  I did the hack to upgrade OneDrive, and this worked for a few days, but now no longer works.  Typically, you will need to open in SharePoint, then hit Sync to do this manually, at least until MS fully fixes the Sync in Teams.