Sync Client failed


I have a complex situation with a team of four users. All are using one Modern SharePoint Online site with multiple document libraries, 2 of these are being synced.


At some point in the recent past, the syncing has failed for one user. This has caused her to save multiple documents locally as she didn't know the sync was broken. She only identified an issue when noticing other colleagues had saved files that didn't reflect what she was saving.


A colleague attempted to sync the library again and in the process created a new instance of sync. If the original broken location was C:\Users\smithj\OneDrive - Kotus\folder, the new location became C:\Users\smithj\OneDrive - Kotus\folder(1) and this was syncing correctly. 


How can I ensure no data is lost and re-sync the area? I don't understand how I can re-connect the original broken area where she has been saving documents if a new area has been synced.


Thanks for any help given!

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