Status column in Windows Explorer needs an upgrade

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A couple of weeks back I ran out of space on my ssd drive. Most of the space is used by the files synced from my OneDrive. So I started doing some cleaning. My OneDrive actually ran out of space at the same time, but that is a completely different story, although it shares the theme of ridiculous design flaws in OneDrive (inability to remove files, if able it takes forever, a 500GB folder I didn't create and was unable to touch). 


We are all familiar with the size column on Windows Explorer that is still, in the year 2021, is unable to show the size of a folder. OneDrive adds a status column to Windows Explorer, which is nearly as gimped, because it is unable to show if subfolder is synced on your computer. This makes the status column practically useless with folders. A folder may have the cloud icon on it, but the folder can still take a huge amount of space from your computer. 


There should be a new icon for folders that have files/folders with the status "always kept on this computer". This would make managing my computer's storage resources much, much easier.  

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